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Conversation-Based Learning

An education should be preparation for life, and life is not a grammar test.


Teacher Education

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You can order these books directly from the publisher at:    contact@professorpub.com

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Kindle book

Below are three books with supplemental materials for every major EFL topic.

1. Pronunciation,   2. Pair activities, and    3. Pair and trio activities that can be used as homework.

If you have these books, you will never scramble for materials at the last minute again.

Contact the author at:  plangbro@gmail.com

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For Jazz English in Korea:


Middle school to college freshmen

Middle school to adult

To buy, email: plangbro@gmail.com

Gunther Breaux has taught English conversation to Korean university freshmen for 20 years.

For too long EFL has focused on grammar because grammar is easy to test. Now, conversation is easy to test.

This fundamentally changes how foreign languages are taught.

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Conversation-Based Learning

Listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and pronunciation are conversation preparation, and they also improve.

When all those skills improves, so do TOEIC scores. It's a complete system.

This new method requires new books.