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Conversation-Based Learning

An education should be preparation for life, and life is not a grammar test.

Example unit

Pronunciation is a skill that uses muscles. Skills are improved with repetitive practice. Here is that practice.

Each activity requires that each student ask about 70 questions using similar sounding word, such as light and right.

They must also listen to and discern 70 pairs of similar sounding words.

So choose. Either your students improve pronunciation now, or they sound like Jackie Chan for the rest of their life.

And remember, the older they get, they harder it is.

So hurry. Bah-lee.

This is for all English students, from middle school to adult

Most Koreans and Asians have trouble with certain sounds of English because they do not have those sounds in the their own language. For example:

For example, when you're covering the FOOD unit in your class, use the FOOD unit here to improve pronunciation.

Vocabulary will also be improved because the answer words are topic words such as: brunch, buffet, crispy, vegetarian.

Is it easy to improve pronunciation?

No. It's hard. Very hard. And every year it gets harder.

Pronunciation is not an intellectual activity.

It is a muscular activity that requires repetitive practice.

How repetitive?

Each activity requires each student to ask about 70 questions which require precise pronunciation: Did you say bat or beat?

Each activity takes about 30 minutes. The games gradually get more difficult, but students improve so the time remains about the same.

Here are 18 information-gap, pair-activities for common EFL topics


1      Family

2      Hobbies

3      Personality

4      Food

5      Movies

6      School

7      Shopping

8      Special Days

9      Health

10      Vacations

11      Sports

12      Technology

13      College Majors

14      Dating

15      Weekends

16      Jobs

17      Countries

18      States


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