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Conversation-Based Learning is a complete system

Students do the book at home and speak in class. They come prepared because homework is 40% of their grade. Students sit in pairs and have speed dating conversations, switching partners every 7 minutes.

Each student speaks half the time, and half the time their partner is a better speaker. After two weeks students relax and start to self-correct. The better speakers then provide gentle language gain.

The self-transcribed conversation test completes the system. Students get extensive personal feedback, and teachers get accurate grading and improvement data.

The short version:

1.  The book provides preparation.  

2.  The class provides repetitive practice.

3.  After two weeks students start to self correct.

4.  The better speakers provide gentle language gain.  

5.  The conversation test provides feedback and error correction.

This is the class.

Speed dating. A new topic every week, a new partner every 7 minutes.

This is the test.

Three students of similar ability have a 17-minute conversation.

Listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and pronunciation are speaking preparation.

As a result, they also improve.  When all those skills improve so do TOEIC scores.

Conversation class details

Conversation test details

With Conversation-Based Learning you get

conversation ability and higher TOEIC scores.