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Improves Speaking 50%

which improves TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS scores





Writing is great Speaking preparation, and Speaking is great Writing reinforcement.

Why would you ever cover them separately?  

Korean and Japanese students place at the top of the world

in math and science, much lower in English speaking ability.  Why?

In math class they have a math book, and a math test.

In science class they have a science book and a science test.

In English speaking class they have a grammar book and a grammar test.

This is a conversation book, for a conversation class, with a conversation test.

Website: WritingforSpeaking.com




Do the book at home, speak class.  

Write what you will say, talk about what you wrote, to 6 different partners. Simple.

Writing before Speaking improves Accuracy.  Speaking to many partners improves Fluency.

Listening, Reading, Writing, Pronunciation and Vocabulary are Speaking preparation

and also improve.  All Writing examples are perfect Grammar, so that improves.  

When all those skills improve, so do standardized test scores.