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Supplemental textbook and self-study

for learners of English, from college to MBA

Here are 300 business concepts that are best expressed with idioms.      

Each idiom has an explanation and example sentences. The example sentences help explain the idiom and show how it is used. British idioms are included.

This book is great for self-study and as a business class supplement.      

A picture is worth 1000 words and an idiom is worth at least 100.  You will be able to grasp – and give – the concept quickly and with very few words. You will appear fluent before you are fluent.

These concepts are common knowledge in the business world.

You should know them. Knowledge is power. Here's the real-world business knowledge you need to understand and excel in your field.


Each page contains about five idioms. Each idiom has a definition 1 to 3 example sentences.

Partial contents


1     back stabber

2     boss from hell

3     boss' pet

4     bring down a peg or two

5     brown nose

6     detail person

7     have your act together

8     hungry for power

9     idea person

10   lone wolf

11   loose cannon

12   malcontent

13   mean business

14   mother hen

15   overachiever

16   people person

17   pushover

18   self starter

19   share the credit, steal the credit

20   slacker

21   stand out from the crowd

22   stick out like a sore thumb

23   team player

24   too big for his boots

25   underachiever

26   watch the clock

27   wolf in sheep's clothing

28   workaholic


29   big wig, cheese

30   dead wood

31   flunky

32   glass ceiling

33   gofer

34   grunt, grunt work

35   low man on the totem pole

36   middle management

37   mover and shaker

38   old boy network

39   pecking order

40   queen bee

41   suit

42   top dog

43   top/bottom of the food chain

44   wheel, big wheel

45   worker bee